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All-Inclusive Employee Engagement & Leadership Development Solution

BP2W (Better Place to Work) is a unique program of Measures, Resources, and Activities that helps deliver a greater Employee Experience.

It is a self-managed, practical, friendly solution that enables people to quickly improve the quality of their work lives and be more productive.


Let's Compare

Other Employee Surveys

Point-in-time, subjective opinions that get dumped on HR and Management to hunt for something to appease everyone.

• Time-consuming, Judgmental Questions on Management and the Organization

• ~50% response rate with Minimal Employee Commitment

Lengthy delays as Point-in-Time survey answers are collated (often months)

• HR and/or Management burdened to Dissect Data and Seek Improvements

• Managers Busy, Little Happens, and Employees Ask "What's the point?"

Our BP2W Program

Ongoing diagnostics, measures and activities that empower the employees to improve the quality of their worklife

• Efficient, Insightful and Honest analysis of Individual Employee and Team Needs

• ~95% response rate ensuring Maximum Staff Engagement

• Reports and Metrics Immediately Available (with historical progress)

• Employees Empowered to make Change, while HR and/or Management overhead is Minimized

• Staff participate in Short, Stimulating Activities and Establish Real Goals

We're so confident BP2W will improve Employee Engagement and Leadership Development we'll let you try it FREE for 60 Days. Click for 60 Day Risk-Free Trial of BP2W