Our MVPs


To help any business of any size, shape, or structure become a Better Place to Work through our innovative products, services, and events.


To see happy, motivated, productive employees who live a better life because they feel valued at work, while helping drive their business to continued success.


To inspire and support organizations towards building and sustaining a people-first, diverse, collaborative, and inclusive culture in the workplace

A Bit More About Us

OptimaWork LLC is based in South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale to be more precise) and exists to help fill a void in the arena of addressing sustainable Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, Inclusive Cultures and Job Satisfaction.

We believe in an employee-centric, team driven approach from within is the best way to accomplish this (rather than a management-driven, top-down approach). 

Traditional methods to address issues and dysfunction in the workplace are point-in-time, expensive, time-consuming, cumbersome and place an excessive burden on HR and Management.

  • We are the exclusive providers of the unique An Even Better Place to Work (aka BP2W) leadership, culture and engagement improvement business tool for North America
  • We establish agreements with select Trusted Partners who work with their clients from initial contact and continue to assist once they start using the BP2W program.
  • We engage with like-minded or interested individuals in a number of ways;
    • Publish articles on our own blog and other business websites
    • Hold, participate in, or attend networking events, trade shows and seminars (virtually or in-person)
    • Post informative, entertaining and interesting tidbits to our own and other social media networks. 
  • We work closely with McConnon International (creators of the BP2W program) to ensure our clients feedback is reviewed as part of the ongoing product development cycle.

Smart businesses, whether they have a few employees or a few thousand, realize that an engaged workforce is motivated, productive and drives profitability.

Meet The Team

Our global team consists only of experienced local practitioners in the field, all of whom have previously worked in multinational environments.

Through our affiliation with McConnon International we have 4 regional offices and over 50 consultants, trainers and support personnel across the globe.

Shea Heaver


Shea is the founder and CEO of Optimawork.

Drawing on his years of experience in the global IT field, Shea has become a passionate promoter of combining a people-centric culture with shrewd management practices to improve organizational performance. 

Having worked in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and other global locations, he increasingly realized that individuals who feel valued, lead to teams that are motivated, innovative and highly productive. 

Shea grew up and started his career in Northern Ireland before moving to South Florida in the mid 1990s.

Shay McConnon

CEO McConnon International

Shay is the creator of "An Even Better Place to Work"

He is an inspirational and entertaining motivational speaker with a powerful business message.

Shay is a leading authority on leadership and culture issues and has developed a unique blend of magic, humor and common sense into his keynote presentations.

He is the author of 17 books on personal development and founder of McConnon International Ltd, an international Consultancy group that specializes in creating winning relationships in the workplace.


Iain Johnston

Regional Director South Africa

Iain has over 30 years experience in business development, strategic planning and business change management. In addition he is experienced in the development, measurement and management of both sales and employee engagement and performance that results in increased business revenue.

Born in Scotland and raised in Zimbabwe, he came to South Africa in 1978, where his entrepreneurial spirit drew him to creating and developing new ideas and businesses through a structured and people orientated strategic management process that ensures financially effective and measurable results.

Akin Oparison

Regional Director Nigeria & West Africa

Dr Akin Oparison holds An M.Sc. and a Doctorate degree in Business Policy and Organizational Development from the University of Wales, Cardiff.

For over seven years Akin was the HR Vice President for Royal Dutch Shell’s Downstream Business in Africa, a member of the Executive Management Team for Shell Oil Products Africa and a member of the Shell Downstream Global HR Leadership team based in Johannesburg – South Africa.

He has over 25 years of management and leadership experience in blue chip multinational companies.

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