5% Diagnostic - 95% Action & Improvement

BP2W Is a Business Tool For Getting The Best From Your People

BP2W (Better Place to Work) is a unique Leadership Development, Culture Improvement, and Employee Engagement Building program that delivers fast, quantifiable results.

Your people engage with a series of dynamic Measures, Activities, Goals, and Resources that quickly create a well-led, engaged, and productive workforce. 

It is the world's first, self-managed, online (but not e-learning) culture and behavior enhancing solution that helps drive Organizational Development and deliver the necessary Employee Experience for today's workforce.

Simple Diagnostic

Short survey focusing on employee and team needs that assesses engagement levels and leadership impact

Real-Time Analysis

Colorful, informative charts that provide instant metrics at all levels and track progress across the business

Activities & Resources

Engaging and interactive exercises, speed-training, goal-setting, articles, advice, tips and more

3 Minute Overview of BP2W

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Intro to Diagnostic & Results

Intro to Diagnostic & Results