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You Did Your Employee Engagement Survey - Now What?

Most Employee Engagement efforts stall soon after the workforce completes the survey, either due to collating the results taking too long or no-one knowing what to do one the scores are actually tallied.

BP2W provides Immediate Analysis at Individual, Team & Company Level PLUS it includes Activities, Goal-Setting, and many other Resources to help the business become a better place to work.

The employees are empowered to make targeted, sustainable improvements with the support of HR and Leadership.

Seven Focus Areas for Leadership to Improve Employee Engagement and Workplace Culture

To increase Employee Engagement and build a strong Workplace Culture, Leadership needs to work with their people so they...

Feel Valued – they feel appreciated and appropriately rewarded

Are Open – they are receptive to new ideas 

Engage in Feedback – they recognize the importance of proactive advice

Are Motivated – their abilities are recognized and utilized 

Manage Differences – they ensure  differences are seen as a source of strength.

Take Ownership – they take joint responsibility with the leader for being led.

Are Conflict Free – they engage in feedback and hence time is not wasted.

Employee Engagement Statistics, Figures, Data & Observations

All Too Often, We Use Statistics Like a Drunk Uses a Lamppost - for Support Rather Than Illumination.

That Being Said, the Array of Information Supporting the Need for a New Approach to Employee Engagement and Leadership is Powerful and Eye-opening.

Take a Look at This Extraordinary (and Somewhat Grim) Data on How Dysfunction and Disengagement Are Affecting Business and Personal Wellbeing.

Employee Engagement Should Not Burden HR & Leadership

Instead of expecting the Human Resource team or Management to find and implement solutions to low levels of Employee Engagement, let's empower the workforce to make targeted, sustainable improvements at the local level.

BP2W facilitates this with an employee-centric survey, immediate reporting and the built-in mechanisms, activities, goal-setting, and resources to augment the employee experience.

This is the future of work .... and will help you become a Better Place to Work

60 Second Overview of BP2W Features - Leadership, Employee Engagement & Workplace Culture Improvements.

BP2W (Better Place to Work) can transform your business through it's unique employee-centric approach to Engagement, Culture and Leadership Development.

The system highlights areas of needs within individuals and teams, who are then empowered to use the built-in activities and goal-setting to make small, sustainable improvements - thus supporting the overall Employee Experience.

As each team gets better, so the business improves holistically and becomes...A Better Place to Work

3 Minute Introduction to the Employee Engagement Solution that Helps You become A Better Place To Work

In this 3-Minute introduction to BP2W, Deirdre gives the viewer short overview of how our unique program boosts Employee Engagement, Develops Leadership and Improves Organizational Culture.

Join her as she details all the features and benefits it can bring to your organization.

When embedded as part of your overall employee experience, the individuals, teams, and business as a whole will see dramatic improvements.

1 Minute Synopsis of our BP2W Employee Engagement Tool

An Even Better Place to Work (BP2W) is a unique Leadership Development and Employee Engagement program that delivers fast, quantifiable results.

People engage with a series of dynamic Measures, Activities and Resources that quickly create a well-led, engaged and productive workforce.

It is the world's first self-managed, online (but not e-learning) culture and behavior enhancing solution that helps deliver the necessary Employee Experience for today's workforce.