It's NOT Just A Survey ... It's A Total SOLUTION

Simple Survey | Immediate Analysis | Built-In Activities | Goal Setting & Tracking | Tips & Resources

Employee Engagement should be a continuous initiative embedded in the culture of your organization.

BP2W provides everything needed in an all-inclusive (yet low maintenance) solution that improves employee relations by empowering the workforce rather than adding to the work-load of management or HR.

Employee Centric Diagnostic

A Survey Your Staff Look Forward To Taking

  • The Satisfaction @ Work Diagnostic is a Likert-type scale that takes just minutes to complete
  • Assumption-free questions focus on Employee and Team needs across seven key areas of engagement and leadership
  • Employees on multiple teams can take a separate diagnostic for each team as the answers may be different

Immediate Metrics and Results

Answers In Minutes, Not Months...

  • A variety of charts and reports are instantly available that are colorful, dynamic and easy to interpret
  • Data is available for analysis at the individual, team and company-wide level immediately
  • The information lets you identify highly targeted areas for improvement at the local level

Engaging Activities & Built-In Training

Speedy Improvements At The Local Level

  • 28 short (15-20 minute) team-based activities build relationships, trust and collective thinking within the team
  • BP2W suggests activities, so the team can focus attention on areas of need rather than generic 'management' objectives
  • The activities are transformational rather than informational and hence facilitate speedy, collaborative change

Individual and Team Goal Setting

Working Together To Build Strong Relationships

  • Setting goals helps the individuals and teams stay focused on improving their workplace
  • Personal goals are confidential to the individual while team goals help foster collaboration and trust
  • Working towards stated goals gives a sense of purpose and (when achieved) personal satisfaction