The History of BP2W & Why Those 7 Indicators

The History of BP2W & Why Those 7 IndicatorsThe roots of BP2W (Better Place to Work) were planted more than 20 years ago.

At that time we were running a series of workshops on leadership and culture across parts of Siemens, BAE Systems, PepsiCo Foods, and others.

People loved our courses but expressed concern that the changes may not be sustained once they get back into the workplace.

To meet this need, we created activities that the team leaders could undertake with their teams to sustain the mindsets and behaviors exemplified in the workshop. This was the beginning of our Speed Training activities.

As technology advanced, we were able to put these activities online and created worksheets people could complete and email to each other. We began to add technology to strategy.

 It wasn't long before we were asked about measures, specifically how to measure the impact the activities were having on leadership and working relationships. That's when we introduced the Satisfaction @ Work indicator.

We have continued to develop our solution ever since - always listening to users, inviting feedback, and modifying and developing the system according to the needs articulated.

Our approach to BP2W has grown from the ground up, not from some academic model or theory - this is its strength.

It has been designed around what organizations told us they needed, making it friendly, practical, usable, and with a direct impact on performance and profitability.

The seven indicators were 'given' to us by managers as they identified criteria for an ideal workplace.

People who are well led:

  • Feel Valued – they feel appreciated and appropriately rewarded – people believe in them – they are made to feel special and hence they act special.
  • Are Open – they are receptive to new ideas and engage in genuine two-way communication – can talk freely about a wide range of topics including those delicate and difficult issues.
  • Engage in Feedback – they recognize the importance of regular constructive feedback to improving performance levels.
  • Are Motivated – their abilities are recognized and utilized – they have positive feelings about the job and their colleagues and have an intrinsic drive to achieve and support each other.
  • Manage Differences – they create collaborative relationships with colleagues and ensure that differences are not allowed to get in the way but are seen as a source of strength.
  • Take Ownership – they take ownership for getting their needs met rather than gripe behind backs. They view leadership as a partnership and take joint responsibility with the leader for being led.
  • Are Conflict Free – they engage in proactive feedback and hence dysfunctional conflict is minimized and time is not wasted.

An Even Better Place to Work quickly creates a well-led, motivated and highly productive workforce.

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Shay McConnon Shay McConnon

Shay McConnon is the founder of McConnon International Ltd, an international Consultancy group that specializes in creating winning relationships in the workplace.

He is the creator of "An Even Better Place to Work", the world's first on-line, self-service culture enhancing solution. This puts Shay at the leading edge of the Future of Work thinking.

Shay is a regular speaker at conferences and is a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association.

He is the author of 17 books on personal development.