[Press Release] BP2W Version 2.0 Available April 2nd 2019

BP2W Version 2.0 Available April 2nd 2019Employees, HR & Leadership Rejoice: New & Improved Employee Engagement Tool helps Businesses Become a Better Place to Work

Unique workplace solution utilizes a modern, agile approach to the perpetual quest of improving culture, well-being, and the overall employee experience.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL April 2nd, 2019 - OptimaWork LLC has an audacious goal to help boost US employee engagement and leadership development efforts with the latest version of the Better Place to Work (BP2W) business tool that goes on general release today.

BP2W disrupts conventional thinking by helping organizations grow engagement from within rather than burdening HR and/or Management to decide and deliver top down directives based on an annual employee survey. This is achieved by empowering individuals and teams to establish and execute relevant, sustainable change in an ongoing manner leading to engagement, trust and stronger workplace relationships becoming embedded within the company culture.

BP2W Personal Chart with Team AveragesKey features of BP2W

  • Employee-centric, needs-based diagnostic that takes just minutes to complete and is repeated every few months instead of asking the workforce to fill out a questionnaire once a year
  • Immediate, interactive and easy to read charts rather than waiting months for HR or a 3rd party to tabulate, analyze and distribute findings.
  • Built-in activities designed to facilitate targeted improvements at the individual and team level (leading to holistic change) rather than a generic spray and pray approach
  • Individual and team goal setting/tracking to ensure all employees remain actively involved in the continuous improvement process
  • Multi-lingual capabilities for each user to support geographical and cultural diversity (currently available in US English, UK English, French, German and Japanese…with more to follow)

“It’s like a real-time, anti-virus for your organization’s greatest assets” said Shea Heaver, CEO of OptimaWork. “Employees have ideas, suggestions and concerns each day, so to make them wait for an annual survey is illogical and absurd” he continued. “BP2W equips employees, department leads and executives to not just measure levels of engagement regularly, but also make highly targeted improvements at the local level using the included activities and resources.”

Drawing on feedback from existing users and a noticeable shift in how forward-thinking organizations are now approaching the larger employee experience, the BP2W team have spent over a year making substantial updates to the application. The outcome is a new and improved system that adds innovative features, includes detailed and interactive analysis, has a revamped user interface and offers even greater ease-of-use to deliver noticeable, timely results.

“The business case for Employee Engagement is widely accepted, but too many organizations still struggle to generate high levels of engagement, motivation, and employee well-being” said Shay McConnon, the creator and inspired brains behind the BP2W solution. “This practical, friendly solution has created well-led, highly engaged, and productive people in organizations globally for more than 10 years, and we’re delighted to continue our partnership with OptimaWork as we enter this exciting new chapter” he continued.

It is widely known that workplace disengagement costs the US economy upwards of $500 Billion annually (source: Gallup’s State of the American Workplace) yet the needle has hardly moved in terms of increasing engagement for years.

“Despite best intentions and high levels of spending on management training, leadership seminars and extensive surveys, organizations continue to be hampered and frustrated with low or stagnant levels of Employee Engagement” added Heaver. He went on to conclude “It’s time to take a different approach which engages ALL the employees in the employee engagement process, and BP2W is the tool to help make that a reality”

BP2W is available as a per-user subscription model with the investment working out at around the same as a mug of your favorite high street Coffee, Mocha or Latte each month.

About OptimaWork LLC

OptimaWork is based in South Florida and was founded to fill a void in the arena of addressing sustainable Employee Engagement, Leadership Development and Job Satisfaction. OptimaWork’s partnership with UK based McConnon International positions them as the sole North American service provider for the Better Place to Work program.

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